Psalm 23 – When we learn how to belong as His sheep, we will learn how to be led. Something has to hold us in belonging together – the same purpose, the same promise etc.

You make the choice where and what you belong to and you need to know what you’ve chosen. But – you must know that in choosing your belonging, you also choose what comes with it (the wages of sin, and the consequences of getting it wrong is death) Rom 6:23

In belonging to God – look at the key things of Psalm 23. The Lord is my shepherd. This is personal, I’ve chosen my belonging. Life can do it’s hardest by me, but that doesn’t change who I belong to. The Lord is my shepherd. I Belong to Jesus – you want to mess with me? Deal with the shepherd! Ps 23 spells out that David knows exactly who he is, in relation to who God is in his life. 

The sheep had been born to know the shepherd, they had grown to know the shepherd’s touch to recognise the shepherd’s voice. I think sometimes we have people in churches that are reluctant sheep! They want to belong but they don’t want the shepherd telling them what to do or restricting their choices. And there are feel good sheep in the church pasture today who are happy to belong whilst they get to eat what they like, but if they see something they think is better for them, they will jump the fence without a second thought. 

My belonging is shaped by what I allow Him to be. While I am holding onto my belonging in Him, He is my shepherd.  


Matt 18:20 When we partner with the right things and the right people there is an ability to move forward in life.

In marriage and friendships, don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers – the King James states this in 1 Cor 7:12-16  but it’s more than just belief, that word denotes people who aren’t partnered with you on the journey you should be on. The word implies trust, truthfulness and faithfulness. 

When someone won’t stand where you stand, and hold the same rope you hold, they are going to want to take you away from the rope, away from belonging.  That applies to marriage, to values, to principals, to determinations of your life as well as your spiritual walk with God.

In Psalm 23, David describes the power in belonging as a process – I’m being led, I’m being guided, I’m learning to be dealt with by His rod and staff, I’m learning the comfort of His touch and presence. 

My belonging shapes my becoming. I don’t care what life says happens, I’m holding on.

He is my belonging!

~Pastor Mark Broadbridge