21 Days of Prayer & Challange


Over this next coming month, we as church leaders want to challenge you in your personal walk with Jesus about going deeper, going to a whole new level.

Let me explain. If I was a bus enthusiast, I could collect information on buses, I could attend seminars, listen to bus songs, build models of buses, I could even join a bus enthusiast club and go religiously every Sunday.., I could go to major conventions, etc… But never actually get on a bus! Why? maybe it was never convenient for your lifestyle to do, I was busy and I made my Bus Club membership fit in with my lifestyle and while it looks important to me, the practice of stepping into it never happened.

I want to say there are a lot of Christians like that, and I’m not trying to put anyone on any guilt trip, I’m simply challenging you to become someone who “Practices the presence of God” rather than simply being an observer, a spectator. Let me ask you, even with all this isolation and COVID 19 restrictions, etc… When was the last time you actually stepped out of “your lifestyle” into God’s lifestyle and out of your comfort zone into his?

I’ve got good news for you over the next 21 days, starting from Monday 29th June, we are as a church-going to get on the bus, we are going to go deeper into just learning what it means to come aside and rest in him and learn what it takes to move forward. I believe God prepares us for what he purposes for us.

David in the OT was prepared to fight Goliath the giant, by fighting the lion and the bear, and learning that his God would not let him down, that his God was a covenant-keeping God. Maybe right now in your life, you’re missing the bus because you haven’t seen that God is preparing you to move forward, but you have to get on board with God’s plan and stop fighting to make your plan work. Jesus tried to teach the disciples, that they needed to come aside and spend time with their heavenly father otherwise they would be running on empty.

Maybe like David, it’s time to sit, to come aside and write a psalm of what maybe you’re going through that ends with a declaration of God’s goodness to you and over you. I truly believe right now that there is a call to step aside into that secret place where we get refreshed, revived, restored and renewed, and now re-establish God’s place in your world, your hearts, and your home.

~Pastor Mark Broadbridge