Day 2

Eph 4:14-24

Ever sat to look out the window at the trees, lush with autumnal oranges and golds, the branches swaying in the wind.

Let me point out that you need to notice the trunks aren’t moving at all in the wind, “We’re a bit like that. When life is blowing at us from every direction, of course, our emotions will go up and down and all around. But sometimes we live as if we only have branches. Life’s goal is to help you find your own trunk. That way, even when life is pulling from all sides, you won’t be living in your branches. You’ll still be secure and stable.”

It’s similar to the image Paul offered new believers in Ephesians. Reminding them of God’s incredible gift—a new life of tremendous purpose and value (Ephesians 2:6–10), Paul shared his longing that they’d become deeply “rooted and established” in Christ’s love (3:17), no longer “blown here and there by every wind of teaching” (4:14).

On our own, it’s easy to feel insecure and fragile, pummelled by our fears and insecurities. But as we grow in our true identity in Christ (vv. 22–24), we can experience deep peace with God and each other (v. 3), nourished and sustained by Christ’s power and beauty (vv. 15–16).

The challenge is for us to hold on, hold on to worship, hold on to faith.