Day 3

Romans 11:33–36

Have you ever stepped outside at night and stared at the night sky. We can struggle to understand that those stars are hundreds of light-years apart. even the stars of the Southern Cross

I realized the closer we could be to those stars, the less they would appear to be aligned. Yet from our distant perspective, they looked carefully configured in the heavens. Sometimes we are too close to our lives to see what God sees. In His big picture, everything is in perfect alignment.

The apostle Paul, as he completes a summary of the ultimate purposes of God, breaks into a hymn of praise (Romans 11:33–36). His words lift our gaze to our sovereign God, whose ways are beyond our limited ability to understand or trace (v. 33). Yet the One who holds all things together in the heavens and on earth is intimately and lovingly involved with every detail of our lives (Matthew 6:25–34Colossians 1:16).

Even when things seem confusing, God’s divine plans are unfolding for our good and for God’s honor and glory. The challenge is for us to trust him with his plan, even when we can’t see our plan.