Donations Gifts Policy

New Life CCC Giving Policy


Donations Gifts Policy

Christian Community Centre Inc is a Not For Profit organisation.

You can donate and support our vision by:

  • Cheque or Money Orders – mail to our P.O Box number
  • Bank Account –  direct deposit

Christian Community Centre Inc. Policy

Short description: a policy on the acceptance and management of donations

Association Number: A0023295H

Date of Incorporation: 4th December 1996

Governed by a Board of Directors and Responsible Officers

(names available on request)


Responsible Government Office:

South Australian Office of Business and Consumer Affairs

Incorporated Associations Register

Reporting and Auditing must be completed yearly in accordance with our Association Incorporation and copies of reports and statements are made available for inspection.



Related legislation: Associations Incorporations Act

Income Tax and Assessment Act


Policy on donations


  1.  “Donation” means a contribution that is voluntary transferred by one individual to another without compensation or benefit flowing from the giver to the receiver. A donation is a transfer that is motivated by detached or disinterested generosity or out of affection, respect, admiration, charity or similar impulse. Generally, donations are irrevocable, and beyond a possible designation of use, the donor does not impose contractual requirements or subsequent reports as a condition of the donation.
  2. Donations are accepted by Port Pirie Christian Community Centre Inc, on behalf of New Life Christian Community Centre, Port Pirie, Port Augusta and Roxby Downs, to further the objects and purposes for which NLCCC was set up, consistent with the objects of PPCCC and NLCCC.
  3.   A donor may designate a donation to be put to a specific use and purpose. All of those funds will be put to that purpose, deposited within satisfactory business time period, and if requested an official receipt issued with acknowledgement sent to the donor.
  4.  Donation records PPCCC shall oversee the receipt, recording, depositing and acknowledgement of donations. Annual reports base on audited accounts are submitted each year to our members and available for inspection.
  5.  PPCCC actively solicit donations form individuals, churches, foundations, businesses and other entities to help fulfil its mission of caring for our communities and promoting the Christian message in practical and various means.
  6.  Tax deductibility. PPCCC is registered as a ”not for profit and tax exempt organisation”.   In recognition of its Charitable nature the Australian Tax Office refunds GST paid with Collected GST collected from sales deducted.
  7.  Accountability: PPCCC Executive Directors, Ministers and Staff, will supervise the activities and authorise expenditure of departments and set budget guidelines and all due diligence will be undertaken to comply with Government and Regulatory Guidelines in regard to Financial record compliance.

Dated:  13th Sept 2011