Our Resolve

We CARE about our community
We see our church being compassionate, caring, grace-filled and non-judgmental, placing value on every person. A Christian church where ‘community’ isn’t about a program, it’s our heart to care for anyone, anywhere, in any way that we are able. A church that builds bridges for God’s presence, power and purpose to touch our world.

We see our church being exciting, fun and passionate about loving God and receiving the Word. A Christian church where ministry and programs are relevant in helping people step into their future with faith. A church where serving God isn’t a duty but a delight.

We CONNECT people to their call and gifting in God
We see our church equipping people to step into serving God in whatever their call, gifting and potential, through encouragement, teaching and spiritual development and growth. A Christian church where everyone is important to God and is vital to the purpose of His kingdom. A church where its not about what ‘I’ can do, but what “we” can, and must do, together.

We are COMMITTED to purpose
We see our church demonstrating God’s love, power and grace in a manner that best displays His heart. A Christian church where excellence becomes a way of life as we seek to be all we can for God, where we are committed to give our all, not just what is convenient, to fulfill the purpose and potential of God for our world in our time.

We are CHALLENGED to win the lost
We see our church as growing and fruitful, a church that embraces all generations, and has a place for everyone to belong. A Christian church where reaching the lost isn’t an option, but is as essential as the love of God that compels us. A church where we have stepped out of our comfort zone to reach the hurting and those who need to experience God’s love. We are a church where the great commission is our mission.

These things are not what we could be but rather, these are what we should be.